The world is a much different place than it was when our last edition published. Since then, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned life upside down. Chances are, travel as we have known it will never be the same. Many airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, and restaurant chains will not make it through massive shutdowns and quarantines around the globe. The travel industry is expecting an economic loss of $2.7 trillion, with millions of jobs lost as well.

That’s depressing, but from an addicted traveler’s viewpoint, the inability to venture out into the world is devastating. We’ve discussed future travel plans with several friends who typically take two to a dozen trips a year. Everyone one of them is champing at the bit to be back out in the world. So are we – and we’re not alone. A World Travel and Trade Association survey found that one-third of Americans would travel within three months after they lift travel restrictions. 

It’s still unclear when travel bans will be lifted. Americans most likely will face a long wait before they can cross the pond to visit Europe. The reason is we may not be welcome in many of these places we want to go. 

At this writing, several European governments, along with their healthcare agencies, are hammering out plans for “corona corridors.” Corona corridors will allow visitors to travel between nations without quarantine. Corona corridor planning only includes countries that locked down hard and early, escaping the worst of the pandemic. Our government did neither and Americans are not part of any corona corridor plans.

One corona corridor guideline is called “Europe Needs a Break.” It’s based on low contagion levels and reciprocity. Again, we do not make the cut. The scattershot, contradictory, and mismanaged American approach to the pandemic, is the laughingstock of Europe. There’s no doubt we won’t be welcome soon.

The White House continues recklessly to play politics with the pandemic. Our leaders have falsely framed the debate on how to handle Covid-19 as the economy versus public health, the president’s re-election above our nation’s wellbeing. 

These actions will trigger more outbreaks and more spikes in contagion and death. And there’s no doubt that we won’t be included in any corona corridor soon.  Perhaps the only way we eventually will is to make sure we vote in November, for folks who will show to the world that we take this pandemic seriously.